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Kids, teachers and parents all love listening to "Learn Your Times Tables" because it makes learning so easy.

"It's fun and I like the different voices because they're so funny and I always want to listen to the next number [times table song]." ~ Jasmine Robbins, age 7, Pickhurst Primary School, Kent.

Hear short previews of the times table songs

Click on a track to hear a clip from each times tables song. Each song lasts approximately four minutes. The times table is repeated round three times. The listener then repeats it twice more on their own with prompts from the song's character, and of course lots of praise, terrible jokes and entertaining sound fx!

The music has been carefully researched to appeal to children and tested in keystage one and two classrooms so that it is highly effective. The times tables are ordered to follow the National Curriculum. The music styles are age specific and importantly they are at the optimum speed for children to keep up with. With cartoon style music, individual characters to grip children's attention and beautiful illustrations to bring the characters to life, we guarantee your kids will love learning their tables.

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Remember to print out the multiplication sheets!

NOTE: In accordance with the National Curriculum
the times tables fall into the following categories:

Key Stage One: 2, 10, 5, 3
Key Stage Two: 4, 6, 8, 9, 7, 11, 12




Each song has its own character - Meet the characters!

2x tables KS1


3x tables KS1


4x tables KS2


5x tables KS1


6x tables KS2


7x tables KS2


8x tables KS2



9x tables KS2


10x tables KS1


11x tables KS2


12x tables KS2